Thursday, 7 January 2016

Volkswagen gets generous with its New Year update

VOLKSWAGEN has clearly made kitting its cars out more generously one of its New Year resolutions if a quick update of its Polo, Golf and Passat models is anything to go by.

The Polo SE has been replaced by the Polo Match, which might cost £100 more but throws in normally optional extras worth £900. There are also upgrades for the Golf, with the R-Line and GT replaced by the R-Line Edition and GT Edition models, and the SE Business version of the Passat has also been updated.

To find out more about the offers - and the rest of the current VW range - have a look at the manufacturer's website.


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  2. I've been looking into buying a new Volkswagen, this model looks so nice! Thank you for the post!

  3. Volkswagen has conveyed an invigorated Passat. Styling upgrades incorporate a recently chrome plated four-bar grille, power vault hood and slimmer headlights in advance, while another guard and trunk top round out the redesigns out back. Given the unpretentious way of these progressions, you'd be overlooked on the off chance that you couldn't tell what's been updated.My name is Nagaraj I'm a car driver now I'm working cab services in kochi My opinion is the plain outline is good looking and holds its Teutonic appeal. For the new model year, VW architects have upgraded the dashboard and focus console, including two-tone trim that loans the auto a more premium feel.Different touches incorporate wood and chrome trim and a tasteful simple clock on the middle stack.