Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Woodvale Rally 2014 date and venue confirmed

The Woodvale Rally will be held away from its traditional airfield home for the third time in a row when next year's event takes place, the event's organisers have confirmed this week.

While the event has been confirmed for June 21 and 22 next year, organisers said that the event would once again be held at Victoria Park in Southport, after the organisers said that the event's traditional home of RAF Woodvale, near Formby, was linked to asbestos contamination.

In a new development car clubs have been dealt a fresh blow, with the organisers ruling out all but a few car club displays due to Victoria Park being a much smaller venue.

Car club secretary, Charles Scott, said in a message to car clubs which normally attend the event: "Woodvale Rally cannot return to Woodvale airfield for the foreseeable future due to asbestos contamination. For the past two years we have held an event in Southport at Victoria park which is the home of Southport Flower Show and other events. Because the flower show has precedence we cannot use the park in July or August. There is no other suitable location in our area. In 2014 we will hold 'Woodvale Rally at Victoria Park' on the 21st and 22nd June.

 "The format is similar to previous rallies, but the much reduced space means that we cannot accommodate car clubs. The 2014 rally is well advanced in the planning stage and there could be space for one or two large clubs with interesting vehicles. Overnight camping may be possible as part of a display if unobtrusive, but there will be camping pitches available on site at £40 for the weekend. It may be possible for a club to attend on Saturday or Sunday only, depending on demand."

Individual classic car entries are being encouraged, however, and are being urged to get in touch with the event's organisers.

After asbestos was discovered at the airfield in 2012 the event was relocated to Victoria Park, despite ongoing controversy about whether the airfield can safely stage the event. This year's event was renamed the Woodvale Transport Festival, and offered visitors lower admission prices than the Woodvale Rally had in previous years.

The Woodvale Rally has been held annually since 1971, and attracts visitors across the north west and further afield due to its mix of classic vehicle exhibitions and model aircraft displays among other attractions.


  1. It has always been known that asbestos is on the site and probably on the golf driving range on the other side of the bypass.
    We do not know the true reason why after near 40 years the RAF have made this decision. What do we know new base commander yes and first way they tried to stop the event was based on a risk of terrorist attack on the airbase. This was quashed by offers to screen certain people attending etc. So within a few days a new excuse was created asbestos and that has stuck.
    I wonder if it will be ok for anyone to put in a claim to the MOD for attending any of the shows since 1971 or any of the cadets if they subsequently contract asbestosis?

    If you think about it playing this card is a stupid option, with the amount of No Win No Fee accident lawyers out there the MOD making a statement that they have put the public at risk for near 40 years is quite a boob!

    Who is to test the idea? If they say they have just cause to close a show then they are admitting they are liable.

    This show brought in about 80% of Southports tourist income for the year in just one weekend.

    What reason does the RAF have to do this? One could be to reduce the risk of losing the base to property development, so an excuse that the base is contaminated would help that argument.
    I have also been on the base and a RAF officer told me houses could not be built there due to all the pollutants in the ground from the aviation fuel.

    Another point worth noting is that private aircraft owners have their aircraft stored on the base and take off from there, they are not RAF personnel they rent the facility.

    1. Hi I have gone to Woodvale for years And the last time that when I went , I said to my Son that this is the last time that I will be able to fly my models let a lone display of my classic car, When I saw the tanks allowed to run up and down the Runway and churn up the grass, Ok they should have had NATO pads fitted on the tracks.
      And I Knew then that that was the end of Woodvale
      Dr W Coles_kolher