Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Is this Britain's sneakiest speed camera?

GENERALLY at Life On Cars we like to keep it local - covering all things motoring in and around Lancashire - but on this occasion we just had to make an exception.

Speed cameras have long proved a contentious issue among car lovers, particularly if they're difficult for drivers to spot, as all the fuss about one particularly prolific Gatso on Parbold Hill proved when I covered motorists' concerns in The Champion two years ago. Yesterday, however, one of our readers in Poole, Dorset got in touch to highlight what he reckons could be one of the most craftily-positioned speed cameras in the country.

Can you spot it?

For anyone who can't see it in the picture above, it's behind the school sign...

There is of course, the argument that if you aren't speeding in the first place then you won't get caught out by it, but seemingly hiding a Gatso behind a school sign does slightly defeat the point of painting it bright yellow in the first place.

What do you think? Can you think of camera that's even better hidden than the one in Poole? Life On Cars would love to know. Get in touch by leaving a comment below...

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