Thursday, 17 January 2013

Spotted: Ford Cortina 1600E

I'VE got to admit my lunch break was brightened up quite a bit when I spotted this classic Ford on one of Southport's streets.

This isn't just a Ford Cortina MK2, it's the really rather tasty 1600E version which came with walnut trimmed dashboard and door cappings, Rostyle wheels, bucket seats and sports steering wheel among other niceties. It's no longer a car you're likely to see every day, so its late Sixties slimline styling stands out even more on the rare occasion you do come across one.

The 1600E was also - and this is a great petrolhead pub fact - Jeremy Clarkson's first car...

Is this your pride and joy? If it is, I'd love to hear more about it...

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