Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Peugeot takes a scalpel to the RCZ

PEUGEOT has either ruined or improved one of the most stylish cars it's ever made, if the first pictures of a new facelift are anything to go by.

I know that not everyone who reads Life On Cars agreed with my reckoning that the RC Z is one of the best looking cars the French firm's ever produced - while I said it's "probably one of those exotic-yet-attainable style icons you get once in a generation", at least one of you took the time to write in and challenge my views of what makes a good looking car, saying "the roof looks like a backside". No matter what you make of the coupe and its double-bubble roof, you can't deny it's a boring car to look at.

The new version, don't get me wrong, keeps the RCZ looking fresh in a field of a new arrivals, with Hyundai's Veloster on one side and Toyota's GT-86 on the other chomping for a bite of the coupe cake. I just don't think - and I know style is a very personal and subjective thing - that it looks quite as good as the original.

As always, feel free to disagree...

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