Thursday, 9 August 2012

Woodvale Rally organisers "confident" of return to RAF Woodvale for 2013

PLENTY of you have got in touch about this year's Woodvale Rally, which for the first time in its forty year history wasn't actually held in Woodvale.
Thanks to everyone for your comments about this year's show, which was held this year not at its traditional home of RAF Woodvale, but at the home of the Southport Flower Show, at Victoria Park. From the feedback both on Life On Cars and at The Champion, the Victoria Park event has definitely had a mixed reaction from visitors - some loved it, others, like yourself, didn't find it as impressive as previous years.

The organisers have, however, told me since the event that they are 'confident' this year's Woodvale Rally will return to RAF Woodvale for the 2013 event, although probably the best bet is to check with the official website at for any official announcements about next year's show. If I hear anything, however, I'll post it on here as soon as I can.

On another note, here's some more pictures from the show, which were taken after I'd cleaned the dust on my camera lens which made the first lot of shots look a bit weird and hazy to the untrained eye:


  1. hi please can you comfirm that this years show.2013 will be back at the raf site. as last years 2012 was.rubbish

  2. The latest information is that the organisers are still awaiting a decision from RAF Woodvale on whether they can use the site for 2013. There's a statement on their website at Hope that helps!