Thursday, 26 July 2012

Jaguar Land Rover factory to host exciting Autosolo event

ENTHUSIASTS are being given the chance to get behind the wheel at Jaguar Land Rover's home in the north west at an event next weekend.

The new facility at the firm's factory in Halewood will play host to an Autosolo event next Saturday (August 4) - and there's still time for petrolheads to enter into the event and put their own cars through their paces.
Aintree Circuit Club, which is organising the event, said: "We are indebted to the management of the factory for allowing us the use of one of the car parks. Jaguar Land Rover are celebrating their 50th anniversary of the plant this year so we hope to see a good turnout to thank them.

"The event will follow a similar format to other AutoSOLOs, with open flowing tests on various surfaces, a handbrake will not be essential to get round the course. If you haven’t seen an AutoSOLO before then rest assured that this is not a memory contest. Although there is no passenger the tests are laid out with numbers and markers to help you find the way round.

"We are running a dual permit event, the National B event being a round of the ANWCC Autosolo Championship. The BTRDA have invited us to be a round in their Autosolo Championship as well as in the Newcomer’s Autosolo Challenge, which is open to Juniors under 25 and those who have not held a MSA competition license in the past ten years. Running in parallel will be a PCA counting towards the ANWCC Junior PCA Championship.

"Remember that the event is only open to road legal cars driven to the event. The Clubman entrants don’t need a competition licence but make sure that your club membership is up to date. You can always join Aintree Circuit Club on the day if you wish to compete. National B competitors must have a 2012 competition licence. We are hoping for a good entry so please get your entry in as soon as possible."

There's still time to enter - the deadline is 8.30am on Saturday, August 4 - with entry costing £23 or £25 depending on the exact event entered. For more information call 0151 525 5060/07821 230961 or send an email at

Aintree Circuit Club is also looking for volunteers to act as marshals to help make the event a success. If you'd like to get involved, send an email to

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