Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Would you Adam and Eve it? The quirky name for the new baby Vauxhall

ARE you the sort of person who gives your pride and joy a name, like you would a pet?

Don't worry, you're in good company if you do - as an enthusiast, I've always thought giving a name to a car shows you've formed an emotional attachment to it, which is why in true Gone In Sixy Seconds tradition all the sportier motors I've owned have always had girls' names. Richard Hammond infamously christened an old Opel as Oliver on an episode of Top Gear after he got attached to it. Plenty of people I know have given all sorts of cars all sorts of names.

Vauxhall, with their new small car, have decided to go a step further and actually name it for you. Their new hatchback, on sale, next year, is not a Corsa or an Agila. It is called Adam!

Adam is the company's answer to what the car industry calls the ‘premium urban hatchback' - in plain English the likes of the MINI and the Fiat 500, which over the past decade have proved runaway hits for the companies which created them. In the past few years plenty of companies have tried the same trick of putting executive car luxuries into supermini-sized packages, with Alfa Romeo offering you the MiTo, Audi the A1 and Citroen the DS3.

Although few details of the car's looks or specification are available at the moment - word is that it'll be unveiled officially at this year's Paris Motorshow in the autumn - the car will be pricier than the larger Corsa model and have an emphasis on offering a premium feel to the interior, a sportier drive and more of an emphasis on styling. Adam will be offered as a four-seat, three-door hatchback, and is rumoured to be around the same size as the current MINI.

The company is aiming to attract more affluent, image-conscious customers who would currently consider the likes of the MINI and the 500, but are turned off by the current Corsa and Agila.

Will you be welcoming Adam with open arms? Do you give your cars names? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below...

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