Friday, 4 May 2012

Prepare to fire up the.... Mercedes G-Class

WHY launch just the one luxurious off-roader when you can announce a trio of new arrivals instead?

That's the approach Mercedes has taken this month, after it confirmed details of no less than three different 4x4s aimed at upmarket buyers. The most family-friendly of the three is the new GL range, which the Benz boys are touting as a sort of S-Class saloon on stilts with the same sort of gadgets and luxuries included in its cavernous interior. Prices and UK specifications haven't been confirmed yet, but expect them to be in them to be in the region of the £58,000 the outgoing car currently commands.

While it's unlikely to be short of grunt the offering it'll still be easily outpaced by the latest AMG version of the smaller M-Class, which might cost an eyewatering £82,995 but will muster up a mightly 525bhp from its twin-turbo V8 engine. However, Mercedes insist that it's still more efficient and economical than its equally lairy predecessor.

But for the ultimate in off-roader bravado it'll be hard to beat the latest version of the original - the G-Class might still be related to the original G-Wagen of the 1970s but it's crammed with all the trimmings you'd expect of a big Mercedes. Available with either a twin-turbo AMG or a more sensible diesel V6, the latest G-Class will go on sale later in the autumn, and although prices haven't been announced yet chances are it's more likely to be seen posing than tackling the tricky terrain it's designed to handle.

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